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What is Bellacustica?

Bellacustica is Italian for “beautiful acoustics.” It is the name of my company and the title of our voice monitoring system (VMS). The very first of it’s kind.

Who invented the Bellacustica?

The Bellacustica (VMS) was invented by professional opera singer and voice professor, Scott Wyatt.

How does it work?

The Bellacustica uses state of the art audio technology. The primary components consist of a miniature microphone, speaker, and equalizer. How it works is really quite simple. Like that of its full size relatives, the microphone amplifies the external voice, the sound travels through the equalizer and the speaker projects the sound into the individual’s ear. Each device has four different volume settings. With the touch of a finger, a singer can immediately adjust to any acoustic environment.


To hear your voice as others do

Most voice teachers have their students record each lesson. Ever notice how when you play it back it doesn’t sound quite like what you hear in your head? Being a singer myself, I would often get frustrated with this problem. The Bellacustica allows you to hear your voice as others do.

Personal control over acoustic environment

There is nothing more frustrating than walking into an audition and within just seconds of beginning your first aria, you realize that the hall has poor acoustics. You begin singing and get very little to no vocal feedback. Your voice begins to weaken from over singing and by aria number two, you are experiencing vocal fatigue. While most singers have a tendency to over sing in this situation, some singers react by under singing, which puts them at risk for bad intonation and weak vocal projection. The Bellacustica contains personal volume adjustment, allowing you to be in complete control of your acoustical environment.

Promotes immediate reaction time to vocal inaccuracies

Can you imagine how much faster you could hear, comprehend, and react to your teacher’s wisdom about vocal technique, if you could hear what they hear? How many poor auditions and performances might you have sung successfully, had you been able to hear more clearly what your voice was doing on the outside? The Bellacustica allows you real time response in correcting any and all vocal inaccuracies.

Prolongs vocal endurance

Anyone who has participated in an opera, a musical, a concert, or a major recital knows how taxing an hour or more of singing can be. Have you ever experienced vocal fatigue setting in early, knowing full well that you are only half way through the performance? Although there are a number of reasons one might wear out early on, much of the time it is due to one not pacing themselves appropriately. The Bellacustica acts as a vocal governor. When you start to over sing, the vocal feedback is such that you immediately respond by decreasing pressure on the voice, thereby promoting good technique and prolonging vocal endurance.

Increases dynamic control

One aspect of singing that often sets the great singers apart from the good singers is dynamic control. Nothing shows off refined vocal technique like a pianissimo on a high note. The Bellacustica allows you to hear your voice with such clarity that it actually encourages a greater range of dynamic variety.

Purchasing a Bellacustica

If you are interested in owning your own Bellacustica Voice Monitoring System, they are available for online purchase through our website at  The cost is $349 + Tax/S&H. Methods of payment accepted are credit card (PayPal Online), cash payment and/or personal check (item sent when check clears) – make out to Scott Wyatt. Address in which to send payment is: 1030 Vixen Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45245. If you have any questions, you may contact Scott Wyatt directly at (513) 923-0982 or by email at




“This invention is nothing short of miraculous!”

Henry Price, Internationally recognized Opera Singer


“Dynamic control like never before”

Charles Austin, Metropolitan Opera Singer


“This invention is amazing”

George Shirley, Grammy Award Winning Tenor